Weber Spirit vs Genesis – What’s the Difference?


Having your own grill at home has now become an important part of our lives due to increasing consumerism. Few popular brands such as Weber have gained the immense trust of people around the globe due to their good quality and durability. To make it easier for you to decide which grill you should get, we are going to talk about the two most important series of grills.

Weber Spirit VS Genesis-

Both of them have got their own distinct characteristics. However, we will try to compare the two to create some clarity and remove the ambiguity regarding the grills. So, get ready to get all the information that you have been looking for for a long period of time and get the right grill for your home.

Weber Spirit VS Genesis

1. Level of Advancement

This first and major difference between weber spirit and genesis is in terms of their technology level and how advanced they are. So if we talk about the former one then we can say that it serves only basic purposes. This means that you can fulfill the basic requirement with the help of the weber spirit. It is not much advanced. Rather it is meant for your day-to-day purposes.


Meanwhile, if we talk about the genesis then we can state the fact that this series of grills is really advanced. By advanced, we mean that it has got multiple features that are not normally there in ordinary grills. These features are what make this series of grills stand out among others. Due to this reason, a vast majority of people prefer the genesis series. However, this does not mean that the weber spirit is any less than the genesis ones. It is more appropriate to say that both have their own features to offer which is entirely a personal choice.

2. Warranty

So here comes the point of similarity between these series. The best part about both the grill series is that both come with a warranty of ten years. Sounds interesting, right? Ten years is literally a huge time span and products with such kind of warranty are usually really good in terms of their quality.

However, even if you find any damage or drawback regarding these grills, you can always rely on their warranty. The warranty enables you to return the product or get it replaced by another one upon finding any flaw or defect. So, in our opinion, the warranty is what makes these series of grills demandable.


3. iGrill 3 technology

The best part about the Weber grills is that they come with the technology of iGrill 3. This technology is basically run by an app that you can easily install on your cell phone. This technology will help you to keep a track of the grill machine just by having a mobile in your hand. With its app, you can know about the temperature level of the grill or even the time. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature and set the timer through the app on your mobile. This technology has made a lot of things simpler and easier.

4. Price

When it comes to the price range, there is definitely a visible difference between these grills series i.e spirit grills and Genesis grills. Genesis grills are expensive due to obvious reasons. They are much more advanced with a lot of new features that are not commonly seen in other categories of grills. Other than that, the genesis series consists of extra attachments. Plus, this series has also got multiple burners. On the other hand, the spirit series is comparatively cheap because it has got only the basic features.

5. Weber E310 Grills

The E310 grills are available in both the Weber series but with few differences among them. This is a very common model among the Weber grills. When it comes to the spirit series, this model has got multiple gas burners, approximately three burners. This feature makes these grills quite versatile and you can fulfill your everyday requirements with this one.

Plus, the steel that is used in its construction is also stainless which further adds value to it. On the other hand, if we talk about the Genesis E310 model then we can say that its cooking grates are made up of cast iron which is a very reliable material. Moreover, it has got a spacious area for cooking and much more.



Which is better: Weber Spirit or Spirit II?

We cannot really say that one is better than the other. However, it is more appropriate to say that both the grill series come with their own specific features which distinguish them from each other. Spirit II is apparently much heavier as compared to the spirit. Moreover, regardless of their types, the grills are long-lasting and reliable. You can trust them with your money. You will not regret it.

Is Weber Genesis II worth it?

Yes definitely. These grills are super versatile and are multi-purposed. You can use them for simply grilling or even for BBQ. Moreover, you can easily clean them without facing much difficulty which keeps you motivated to use them more often. If the grills are difficult to clean, you do not feel like using them because you think about the trouble of cleaning them. it makes you exhausted as well. Other than that, you can control this grill with the help of an app as well by simply installing it on the mobile.

Are Weber grills overpriced?

When it comes to the price, there is no fixed price. Rather there is a price range that includes some reasonably priced grills as well as expensive grills. However, most of the grills are costly due to the fact that the Weber brand has to offer you top-quality grills and with quality, you have to pay a price. If the price is low then you will not get a grill with a lot of specifications. In fact, those grills will stop functioning after some time. So, it is better to invest money once on some good quality product instead of wasting it on cheap ones.


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