Types of Grills How to Choose the Best Grill (Complete Guide)


Vacations are around the corner, and this is the time of the year for outdoor trips and parties. So, it becomes significant to invest in grills that can offer you time-efficient and remarkable cooking temperatures.

Whether you are a seasoned pitmaster or a newbie, it is important to search the various types of grills and smokers available in the market and their applications. Thus, we have developed a detailed guide on different types of grills to aid your quest of finding a top-tier product.

Types of Grill

Types of Grills

Types of Grills Around the World on the Basis of Design

On the basis of design, there are five different types of grills available in the market, including open grill, covered grill, rotisserie grill, camp-fire style grill, and vessel grill. All of these have their own associated advantages and disadvantages and are discussed below in detail.

Open Grills

There are various types of charcoal grills available in the market, and open grills happen to be one of them. Operated using charcoal or propane located at the bottom of a metal box, these products can grill a variety of items rapidly. This is because the raw ingredients are placed directly over the fire for exceptional results. Such grills are mostly used in North America and Europe, where they can be used for grilling steaks, fish fillets, vegetables, and kebabs.


Covered Grills

Covered Grills

Covered grills are the successors of open grills. They mostly resemble in design, except this version is incorporated with a lid on top. The lid can be moved in an upward or downward direction to cover the ingredients. Similarly, it can also be used for both direct or indirect grilling applications. It is popular around the world for its innovative design and is perfect for beef and tuna steaks as well as for chicken or pork barbecue.

Rotisserie Grill

Rotisserie Grill

If you are looking for the best types of bbq grills, rotisserie grills are our ultimate recommendation. They feature a slowly rotating turnspit that balances the cooking process and contributes to the slow browning of the meat’s exterior surface. This ensures that the food you are cooking feels crispy on the outside while tender on the inside. Similar to its previously mentioned counterpart, this one is also associated with direct and indirect grilling and is perfect for chicken wings, rib roasts, and other types of fatty foods.

Camp-fire Style Grill

Camp-fire Style Grill-

Camp-fire Style Grill is the traditional grill used since ancient times. Previously when grills were not available in history, people used to smoke and cook food near campfires. Thus, leading to the formation of campfire grills. They are widely used in America and are ideal for radiant heat roasting. We recommend them for roasting goat, beef ribs, salmon, whole lamb, and fish fillets.


Vessel Grill

Vessel Grill

There are different types of ceramic grills available around the world, most common among which include vessel grills. They work on the principle of collective heat generated by the coal as well as the side walls made up of ceramic to grill the food. Thereby improving the cooking efficiency in a limited time.

You can either cook food only by the heat produced from the walls by placing it vertically or by positioning it on the grill to use the heat generated from the coal. They are mostly used in the South Asian subcontinent and neighboring areas. The food prepared using these grills includes Indian naan, kebab, fish steak, lamb, peppers, paneer cheese, etc.


Types of Grills for Cooking Based on Fuel

There are three types of cooking grills based on the fuel they use. They involve gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric grills. Previously, gas and charcoal grills were top-rated among consumers. However, in recent years, we have witnessed a surge in the popularity of electric grills because of their environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. All these types of grills are discussed below for your convenience.

Gas Grills

gas grills

Gas grills are highly popular for outdoor use and are a lot more convenient than their other counterparts. They can be ignited with the help of a push-button and can heat up the system rapidly. Similarly, temperature knobs are also an integral component of the system and contribute to the adjustment of temperature required for cooking. There are also modern types of gas grills that are incorporated with the latest technology, such as propane tanks. A 20-pound propane tank can be used for 25 hours without any performance inefficiency.

Charcoal Grills

how to put out a charcoal grill

Charcoal grills are operated using coal and are used for high-heat applications. They can raise the temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and are extremely time-efficient. Furthermore, they are also relatively inexpensive and can be purchased by a wide variety of consumers. There are various types of metal grills among which charcoal grills stand out the most. The charcoal is mostly placed at the bottom of the metal box and might be difficult to ignite by beginners. We recommend using these if you have previous experience in handling such products.


Electric Grills

Electric Grills

Electric grills are our most favorite among all the types of indoor grills available in the market. They are prevalent among consumers of diverse backgrounds and never fail to amaze us with their top-notch construction and high-quality attributes. Similarly, they are energy efficient and consume less power as compared to their previously mentioned competitors.

They also produce less carbon-containing compounds and are less harmful to the environment. This coupled with the time efficiency and hassle-free control, adds five stars to its overall performance and makes it perfect for daily use. We highly recommend these if you are searching for the best grills for preparing fatty items.



How many types of grills are there?

There are four major types of grills that are highly popular among consumers. They include gas, charcoal, wood pellets, and electric grills. Previously gas and charcoal grills were dominant in the market. However, recently they have been taken over by electric and wood pellet grills that are environment-friendly and easier to operate.

What are the best electric grills?

Weber Q 2400 Electric grill is considered the best among its competitors because of its large cooking area, cast-aluminum lid, fast grilling time, and user-friendliness. It is followed by Starfrit Rock Electric Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill, which is renowned for its budget-friendliness, remarkable performance, and time efficiency.


What are the best types of gas grills?

Wooden pellets and electric grills are considered the best among all the other types because of their hassle-free maintenance, rapid grilling time, outstanding performance, and easy controls. Similarly, they are incorporated with the latest technology that is not only energy-friendly but also does not harm the environment in any aspect.

What is the best kamado-style grill?

Kamado Joe Classic Ceramic Charcoal Grill is the best kamado-style grill available in the market. It is famous for its multi-tier cooking system which makes it suitable for a wide variety of activities. This coupled with the airtight seal prevents the steam from getting out and decreases the cooking time to a great extent.

What is the best brand of outdoor grills?

Weber grills are popular among consumers. They are known for their instant healing and grilling efficiency. Furthermore, the variety of sizes and price ranges makes them suitable for a wide variety of users and is also the reason for their immense popularity. It is followed by Traeger, which is another popular name for the production of household appliances.

What are the best outdoor grills?

DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-Inch Gas Grill is perfect for outdoor use because of its sturdy design and durable construction, which protects it from getting damaged due to external factors. Apart from this, Blaze Professional LUX 34-Inch Gas Grill and Lynx Professional 36-Inch Gas Grill can also be used for outdoor trips because of their lightweight and enhanced portability.

What does bar-b-q stand for?


The abbreviation bar-b-q stands for barbecue. It is a type of food prepared through a variety of methods and utilizes a wide variety of spices for seasoning purposes. Barbecue is mainly prepared by grilling the meat with herbs to enhance its flavor. It is also one of the most famous dishes around the globe.

How to size ventilation grills?

The size of ventilation grills can be measured with the help of the product of width and length of the grill. By doing so, you can obtain the measurement in square inches. Majority of the standard-sized grills available in the market range between 400 to 500 square inches. So, you should carefully analyze your purpose of purchasing the grill and size accordingly.

Which type of grill is best?

The electric grill is the best among all types of grills available in the market. These grills are not only performance efficient and cook rapidly but are also extremely easy to operate. Thus, they are perfect for beginners. In addition to this, they consume less energy as compared to traditional coal or charcoal grill and produce less environmentally harmful compounds.

What are the top 5 gas grills?

Following are the top five gas grills available in the market based on performance efficiency and top-notch construction. Weber Genesis II S-435 Gas Grill, Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill, Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro Gas Grill, Weber Q2200 Gas Grill., and Hestan 42-Inch Propane Gas Grill With Cart.


Wrapping Up

Grills have been popular for a long time and are a time-efficient means of producing a huge amount of meals, especially on trips and vacations. Based on the fuel, design, and specialty, these products have been divided into various types, including open grills, covered grills, vessel grills, campfire-style grills, electric grills, charcoal grills, and hybrid grills. The most popular hybrid grills include charcoal and gas grills in which fuel can be easily switched with the help of a push-button.


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