How To Start a Gas Grill? – (Beginner Guide)

Despite the availability of modern eclectic smokers in the market, gas grills remain equally famous among BBQ lovers. Even traditional BBQ lovers obsessed with wood pellet smokers also prefer gas grills if the wood pellets are not available.

Gas grills are an affordable option, and they are also environmentally friendly. Gas grills maintain the natural food taste while retaining the nutritional value of the food. Also, gas grills are more convenient to use than wood pellet smokers. They create less mess, have more sophisticated controls, and promise efficiency.


If you are planning to buy a new gas grill, you must know how to use a gas grill. For a safe and joyful experience, it is critical to know how to start a gas grill.

This guide discusses the safest and convenient methods to start a gas grill. Plus, it also includes dos and don’ts one should follow while lighting a gas grill.

How to start a gas grill?

How To start a gas grill

Gas smokers usually feature two ignition modes, automatic and manual. Modern gas grills come with automatic starters. These grills feature an automatic ignitor that creates the spark inside the grill to start the ignition.

These grills are more convenient and time-saving, allowing you to enjoy more time with family and having conversations. On the other hand, manual gas grills require an external ignition source. Manual gas grills are affordable, but they require a bit extra effort to start the process.

How to Start a Gas Grill With Automatic Starter?

1. Open the Lid

Opening the lid is a basic yet most critical part of the process. Keeping the lid closed while lighting the gas grill can cause an explosion. Before you turn on the gas supply or push any button, it is important to open the gas grill’s lid.

If you turn on the gas supply while keeping the lid closed, it will lead to a gas fumes build-up inside the gas grill. On getting spark, this gas build-up will cause an explosion. To avoid such dangerous and unpleasant situations, it is critical to open the lid of the gas grill first. If you forgot to open the lid before turning on the gas supply, keep the lid open for a few minutes to dissipate all the gas fumes in the air.

2. Connect the Gas Source

You may or may not need to do this step, as it all depends on which type of gas grill you are using. Some portable gas grills use propane gas tanks. These tanks are either connected at the bottom of the grill, at the back, or on the side of the grill. Check the quantity of gas in the propane tank and connect its supply with the gas grill.

Some gas grills are directly connected to the main gas supply. Also, a few gas grills come with built-in gas canisters. These canisters are filled with propane gas like propane tanks. They are unscrewed for filling purposes and then screed back. Hooking up the gas source with the gas grill is a sensitive step, and a minor mistake at this step could lead to explosion or fire hazards.

It is recommended to hire a professional to hook up a gas supply line or a propane tank with your gas grill. However, it is critical to follow the user manual’s guidelines strictly if you’re doing it on your own. If the user manual is not available, you can see your gas grill’s user manual on the brand’s official website. Keep all the valves closed while hooking up the gas supply with the gas grill.

2. Turn On the Gas Supply

After successfully connecting your gas grill with the gas supply, it’s time to open the valves. At the first stage, open the main walls that are located at the gas supply source to receive gas. Next, open the valves on the gas grill. These circular knobs or valves are generally located at the front panel of gas grills. By turning this knob to its highest value, gas will flow through the gas grates. Wait for a few seconds until the burner starts receiving gas.

4. Lit the Ignitor

The gas grills with automatic ignition features have an “ignition” switch on the control panel. Press the ignition button on the control panel. It will generate a spark inside the grill, and the burner will be lit.

Every gas grill model has a different control panel. Some grass gills have different knobs for each burner, while some have only one knob that lits a new burner at each level. You should take care of these things and should proceed accordingly. You can also refer to the user manual if you are confused.


How To Start The Gas Grill Manually?

The first three steps to start a gas grill are the same as mentioned above. You need to open the lid of the gas at first. Then hook up the gas supply, followed by opening the valves. The final step is different because manual gas grills require an external ignition source.

1. Ignite Gas Grill Manually

Locate the ignition hole on the gas grill first. Ignition holes are usually located on either side of the gas grill. If you find more than one opening, it is important to identify the Ignition opening. If you are unable to find the ignition opening, refer to the user manual.

Then you need to mount a match stick on the curl holder. Curl holders help you ignite the gas grill safely and conveniently. You can ignite the gas grill by keeping your hand at a safe distance. Also, some gas grills have narrow ignition openings, so you cannot put your hand inside the grill. Therefore it is critical to use a curl holder.

Curl holders usually come packed with gas grills, and they are also readily available in hardware stores. Attach the match stick on the curl holder, and light it up. Enter the curl hold in the ignition opening. If the gas supply is turned on, the burner will be ignited. You can ignite all the burners on the gas grill in the same way. More Detail How to Start a Gas Grill?



Do you leave the grill open when cooking?

Yes, for some food items, it is recommended to leave the grill slightly open while cooking. Open grill cooking results in a crisper surface on the meat. You can also prevent overcooking of the meat by keeping it open. Extra heat is produced in closed grills, which may result in overcooked meals. However, some foods usually thicker than 1/2 -inch remain uncooked from the middle in open grills. For such items, it is recommended to keep the grill closed for a perfectly cooked meal.

Is lighter fluid bad for grilling?

No lighter fluid is not bad for grilling, as it boils away within a few seconds and doesn’t have any impact on the food. However, if you pour the fluid while the meat is on the grill, it may harm food.

How do I start my gas grill for the first time?

To start a new grill, carefully read the instructions given in the user manual of the grill. Hook up the gas grill with gas supply according to the instructions provided in the manual. The first step to start a new grill is seasoning. Evenly spray the grill with cooking oil and then heat it up for a few minutes. When the oil starts smoking, it means the grates are ready to cook.

What can be used instead of lighter fluid?

A chimney starter is the best alternative if you don’t want to use lighter fluid. A chimney starter uses paper that is placed under the charcoal. Once the kindling or paper under the charcoal is lit, it ignites the charcoal. However, this process is not as rapid as lighter fluid. You can also use an electric starter instead of a lighter fluid.

How long do you cook a hot dog on the grill?

It takes around 7 to 10 minutes to cook a perfect hot dog on the grill. This time is for low to medium heat levels. However, it takes around 5 to6 minutes at high heat levels, but it results in the uncooked inside and overcooked outside.

Final Thoughts

If I have to conclude the whole comparison between both of these brands, Weber has a wide range of grills, is economical while at the contrary Genesis focuses a lot on quality than quantity and thus have a comparatively less range of products.

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